Wall Mounted Shelves – To Decorate And Maximize Space

Wall Shelf Hanging Ideas

Wall Mounted Shelves are a great way to bring more design and space into a room and maximize wall space and large curves. When people organize their rooms, they usually only show the horizontal area of the room. Wall mounts allow you to free up horizontal areas and also use up the vertical space of your room. This decision will make your room spacious, and it will also be a great decoration opportunity (depending on what you put on your shelves).

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Wood Wall Mounted Shelves

Wall shelves are an attractive alternative to traditional or vertical shelves. Modern materials allow the stand to be very light, but very strong at the same time. Wall-mount shelves where you have anything – books, porcelain collections, family photos, even for trade. Make sure the thickness of the image you choose can support the weight of the object you want to place on the shelf. Most of the material on the shelf is still mostly wood. Some of the shelves are made of pure wood and others are a combination of solid wood and plywood. Modern shelves accent glass, metal, plastic and even enhance their structure and function. The shelves can be any color you want – natural-looking wood, bright colors or black paint.

Wall Mounted Shelves Simple Rustic Styles

Wall Mounted Shelves Reclaimed Wood

Wall Mounted Shelves Marble Design

Wall mounted shelves can be very dynamic in terms of design and structure. In addition to the standard horizontal line shelves, banquet halls and modern may have asymmetrical dimensions and surfaces, even irregular curves. Whatever your home has been designed to look like; he got a perfect rack can match your interior. You can have one period, nu single layer multiple accents, or with a full wall size dramatically right to gather a lot of books, or photos. High shelves give the illusion of more height and depth to a room while accent pieces can rack like a three-dimensional picture frame that gives personality and thematic ideas in the living room, bedroom or dining room. Dimensions adds publish the most interesting part. This is a good topic of conversation when guests come – let them find something interesting, which is sitting on your shelf.

Wall mounted shelves can eliminate the need for additional drawers or additional tables to determine the images or lights. It is much more affordable than providing library or standalone rack. When you free up space in your room, you can have a variety of decor and layout options. Storage rack also allows to find and put things much easier. If there is mounting, wall shelves really the best way to present the award-winning collection, your favorite ornaments, or almost anything you can think of.

Wall Shelf Reclaimed Wood

Wall Shelf Floating Ideas

Wall Shelf Design Ideas

Bedroom Wall Mount Shelf

Floating Wall Shelf for Bedroom